Choose to be different

In a time when everyone is trying to be better than the rest, why not be the one who chooses not to compete?

Everyone wants to be the number one. There’s madness of constantly keeping up with the latest trends, following them and being what the current market demands you to be. Amidst trying to do all this, we often happen to lose ourselves. We join the herd forgetting the beauty of being different.

Now imagine this. There’s a girl who is in her house, praying to her Rabb. While there are others who are partying, gossiping and getting intoxicated, there is she who loves her family and loves to spend all her time with them. She does not like meeting strangers at random gatherings. She needs no music to calm her heart, she believes everyone is beautiful in some manner or the other. In a world where everyone is trying to push the other one down, she lifts you up keeping her ego aside. This doesn’t mean she isn’t strong, she is stronger than the wrestlers because she fights with her nafs all the time.

When it feels like lifting a big mountain to say salaam after a fight, she even forgives the ones who never apologized. She serves her parents and loves her siblings, she puts the needs of others before hers, she is ever-loving and ever-compassionate.

The others get lost in the crowd with blasting music in an attempt to find solace where as she strives to be a better person than who she was yesterday.

I end by quoting what a wise man once said- “Don’t go with the flow, be the flow.”

There’s still time before the end of time to transform yourself into someone that makes it all worthwhile.

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