40% of xenophobic crimes in Spain associated with Islamophobia

Madrid (IINA) – Spain’s Interior Ministry revealed that 40 percent of xenophobic crimes which Spanish police investigated are linked to Islamophobia, especially in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack in France last January.
The most common victims of xenophobia-related crimes and Islamophobia in Spain are particularly Moroccan immigrants, as they are the most numerous Muslim community in the country – numbering more than 800,000 immigrants, according to an Interior Ministry’s report published Wednesday in the Spanish newspaper EL PAÍS.
The report pointed out that most of the Islamophobia-related crimes were recorded in the capital Madrid, as well as other cities including Malaga, Barcelona and Albacete.
EL PAÍS reported that racist assaults accounted for 31 percent of the hate crimes in Spain, citing the case filed by two Moroccan immigrants on February 5, in Albacete, against their Spanish neighbor who used derogatory terms to describe them.

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