Dear Sisters


This ones for all the sisters, a special message to you all.

We know that sometimes you tend to feel insecure about yourself, you see many other people including models wishing you were like them, to be good looking and have a slim/fit body like them.

Sometimes you feel afraid and nervous to wear the abaya and hijab, to wear no make up thereafter believing you’re not good enough.

No my dear sisters, you are more than that, beautiful in everyway, what is more beautiful to know that no other being other than Allah created you and beautified you, why try change yourself when He is the one who perfected you.

Yes we have facilities such as gym and activities such as workouts and excersize but they should used as a means of keeping our body healthy, strong and fit.

Remember any little sacrifice done for Allah can lead onto better things, such as your beauty will increase, keeping Allah happy is what matters, other people’s opinions should not affect you, be who you are, not what they want you to be.

Remember in Jannah you will be amongst the most beautiful women in sha Allah, so don’t worry about this world, prepare for the aakhirah, Allah blessed you with the beauty of modesty, so use it and safeguard it.

Never be afraid of who you are, don’t be afraid to wear hijab and/or abaya, because that’s what makes you more beautiful, for being yourself and for pleasing Allah, and that’s what truly counts. 🙂 We love you all for the sake of Allah, may Allah bless you all.💖

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