Just starting to wear hijab?

Here are some tips:
1. People will judge you no matter what. If someone wants to look for negative things in you, they’ll find them, so don’t ever worry about what other people think. Keep doing you and show ’em how awesome you are!
2. Try not to make exceptions to your hijab. Once you make one, you’ll continue making more. I know this can be hard for some, but it’s definitely what keeps me going.
3. We all have one thing that keeps us attached to our Imaan. Hold on to that as tight as you can.
4. Fight peer pressure.
5. Don’t put your culture over your religion. We don’t even realize when we’re doing this sometimes, but it’s important.
6. Sometimes your family or your friends will not understand why you’re doing something. It’s okay, one day they will, so don’t fret.
7. You inspire people. Look the part. Smile and always be aware of what you’re doing because you’re a walking piece of Islam.
8. As a hijabi, that feeling you get when you see a girl start hijab will always be one of the most amazing feelings you’ll ever experience. It will bring you incredible happiness and inspiration.
9. Always remember why you wear hijab – for Allah swt and for Him only. If you ever come across a day that you feel insecure, just remember Allah and why you started this journey. Love Allah swt and you will love your hijab. You have no idea how much reward you get for your struggle.
10. It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes. Just be sure to learn from them.
11. Before you do something or post something – double check your intentions on why you’re doing it.
12. Don’t stay put. Try to move forward in your Islam by trying to be a better Muslim or person every single day. Sometimes you’ll learn things about yourself and you’ll have to change them because you realize it’s not the best way to be even though it’s how you have always been.
13. Islam is perfect, Muslims/people aren’t. Don’t judge.
14. Stop living like you’ll live forever. Aim for akhira, not dunya.

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