Lindsay Lohan Talks about Islam on TV Show

Weeks after deleting her Instagram posts and photos, Lindsay Lohan appeared on a Kuwaiti talk show, giving an awaited talk about her thoughts on Islam.

“I also listen to the Quran on my phone, I have an app,” the Hollywood actress told Kuwaiti talk show, Swar Shoaib, Anadolu Agency reported on Tuesday, February 7.

During the program, the 30-year-old actress described the criticism she had received after a photo of her holding the Quran in New York City in 2015 went viral.

“My intention wasn’t to hold a religious book. I was just holding a religious book, but people in America didn’t like it, they judged me for it and were saying nasty things. [The Quran was] a solace and a safe thing for me to have,” said Lohan.

Lohan also said that she has read 15 pages of the Qur`an in English, describing her feelings saying: “I feel calmness.”

Currently, she practices writing some verses in Arabic.

Lohan also noted that she had started praying the Islamic way and fasted for three days during Ramadan.

“I did Ramadan for three days with my friend from Kuwait, it was hard but it was good. It felt good,” she said.

Last month, the actress deleted all the photos on her official Instagram page, leaving only a bio which read “Alaikum Salam,” which made many fans speculate that Lohan has become Muslim.

Many fans welcomed Lohan’s claimed conversion to Islam, which came a year after she was first pictured while holding a Qur’an.

“I’m so happy that lindsay lohan found Islam. may Allah guide her and bless her,” wrote one young woman on Twitter.

Another posted on her account: ‘I heard that Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam? If it’s true, alhamdulillah. God has shown her the right path to now follow.’

In January, Lohan deleted all of her photos on Instagram leaving only the note, “Alaikum salam” but she neither confirmed nor denied a change in religion during the interview.

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