Look how Islam oppresses me!


I’m so oppressed that I don’t even need to earn for myself and spend my day juggling between home and work because my father/husband provides for me.

I’m so oppressed that my heart is forever protected from the nuisance of pointless heartbreaks because Islam raises me to the status of a wife instead of girlfriends/mistresses that are used like objects.

I’m so oppressed that I am within the safety of my home, under the protection of my father/husband, away from the harsh realities of this world.

I’m so oppressed that strange men respect me when they see me, instead of blowing whistles at me like I’m some kind of an animal passing by!

I’m so oppressed that my holy book has a whole chapter named after me in order to remind me of my high rank in society!

I’m so oppressed… So very oppressed… But I’m loving this oppression.

You know why?

Because unlike the ‘free women,’ I am not a miserable human with a messed up life in which I’m yearning for love, honor, respect and peace.

For all of that I have found in Islam.


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