Morgan Freeman: Adhan is One of Most Beautiful Sounds in World

ollywood actor Morgan Freeman has said that the Muslim call to prayer, known as the adhan, is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

He made the comments as he visited a mosque when filming ‘The Story of God’ for the National Geographic, talking to a Muslim imam about the adhan, IlmFeed reported on Wednesday, November 23.

Freeman comments came as part of  a new episode of National Geographic’s new TV miniseries called “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.”

In the miniseries, Freeman delves into religious history.

The National Geographic miniseries follows Freeman as he travels to 20 cities in seven different countries in a quest to find answers to the mysteries of faith.

The Adhan is the call to announce that it is time for a particular obligatory Salah (ritual prayer).

The Adhan is raised five times a day and usually lasts about three minutes.

Earlier in November, Edwin Samuel, Britain’s spokesman for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) praised the Islamic ritual  as “amazing” and “moving” as he posted a video from a mosque in Abu Dhabi.

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