Philosophies That Made The Mistake Of Denying God

In previous notes we saw the clear signs of the existence of God. Unquestionably, what we have described here is only a very small portion of His infinite evidence. Wherever one turns, one comes across signs that point to the existence of the Creator.

Well, then, why are there still so many atheists in the world? Furthermore, why is it that some scientists are still atheists? Why do they insist on denying the existence of God, despite so many obvious signs?

When we look for answers to these questions, we come across a number of philosophical prejudices which shape the beliefs of atheistic people–including those of atheist scientists. Generally defined as materialism, this philosophical view holds that the universe is eternal and operates without any need for a Creator. According to atheists, matter is the only power that exists. Matter is not created and it functions in an uncontrolled fashion without the intervention of a Creator. There are many philosophers in history who have held this view. Many, from the adherents of the pagan religions of ancient Sumer to the atomistic philosophers of ancient Greece and the dialectical materialists of modern times, have denied the existence of God on the strength of this view.

Their denials, however, rest on no solid ground. They have simply convinced themselves about the eternity of matter and have strongly embraced this belief. They have accepted the theory of evolution with the same reasoning and persevered in their belief. And as the famous American microbiologist Michael Behe once noted, when confronted by the realisation that life is too complex to have ever originated by chance, they can only keep silent and change the subject.

This situation shows that there exist prejudices that cause these people to commit themselves to materialism, and its natural outcome, atheism. Their denial of the existence of God comes not of evaluating concrete facts from an objective point of view, but rather in spite of those concrete facts.

Moreover, they try to impose their denial on the public at large.

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