We began this series of notes by elucidating the horizons and limits of scientific methodology in its description and explanation of the universe and its limits. Scientific theories and conclusions are subject to modification because of the possibility of new discoveries. Nevertheless, certain theories and conclusions are considered wellgrounded and highly probable because they rest on multiple, distinct, bases of evidence which mutually corroborate one another. The evidence for an absolute beginning and extraordinary fine-tuning of the universe is grounded in three distinct bases:

1. Three pieces of evidence from the law of entropy;
2. Three pieces of evidence from space-time geometry; and
3. The fine-tuning intrinsic to multiple anthropic coincidences.

As such, the current physical evidence supports a reasonable likelihood of the creation of our universe by a highly intelligent transcendent power.


Intro: Astrophysics – Can science show God created the universe?

I. The standard The Big Bang model

II. The Big Bang model: A well-corroborated theory

III. What is the significance of a beginning?

IV. Three pre-Big Bang models

V. Evidence for a beginning from the law of entropy

VI. Evidence of a beginning of all expanding pre-Big Bang models from space-time geometry

VII. Evidence of supernatural design from our low entropy universe and anthropic values of our cosmological constants

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