II. The Big Bang model: A well-corroborated theory

II. The Big Bang model: A well-corroborated theory

The Standard Big Bang Theory was first formulated by a Belgian priest, Fr. Georges Lemaitre, to answer questions about radial velocity of extra galactic nebulae (with respect to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity). At first glance, Einstein discounted this theory because he believed the universe to be in a steady state. He initially told Lemaitre, “your calculus is correct, but your physics is abominable.” After subsequent confirmations, Einstein changed his mind, saying, “This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened.”

Lemaitre’s model – dubbed somewhat sarcastically by Fred Hoyle as “the Big Bang” – was confirmed by Hubbell’s red shifts; Penzias’ and Wilson’s discovery of a 2.7 degree kelvin virtually uniformly distributed radiation; observations from the COBE satellite; MAP satellite; and other observations. It was subsequently adjusted to account for a brief period of inflation and a possible period of quantum cosmology. Virtually all contemporary physicists accept this theory.

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GOD AND MODERN PHYSICS privious notes:

Intro: Astrophysics – Can science show God created the universe?

I. The standard The Big Bang model

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