IV. Three pre-Big Bang models

IV. Three pre-Big Bang models

Since the Big Bang has not been proven to be the beginning of the universe, some physicists have postulated some models of a pre-Big-Bang era with the potential for infinite duration (which could avert the need for a beginning and a creation). Three wellknown models are:

• An infinitely bouncing universe
• An eternally inflating multiverse; and
• An eternal universe in higher dimensional space (superstring theory).

There is substantial evidence to indicate the need for a beginning in each of these three hypothetical pre-Big- Bang models (as well as other possible pre-Big Bang models). This evidence for a beginning of the universe (or any multiverse in which it may be situated) will be given in two parts: three pieces of evidence from the law of entropy (Section V) and three pieces of evidence from space-time geometry (Section VI).

(to be continued..)

GOD AND MODERN PHYSICS privious notes:

Intro: Astrophysics – Can science show God created the universe?

I. The standard The Big Bang model

II. The Big Bang model: A well-corroborated theory

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