III. What is the significance of a beginning?

III. What is the significance of a beginning?

First we must ask, “What is the meaning of a beginning of the universe?”

“Beginning” means that the universe came into existence. This means that prior to that beginning point, it did not exist – it was literally nothing. Now if we take “nothing” literally, then we should not import any reality into nothingness. Nothing is not a vacuum (which has dimensionality), nothing is not space, nothing is not a void – it is only nothing.
We may now proceed to the first principle of metaphysics, namely, “from nothing, only nothing comes.” This means that prior to the beginning; the universe could not have caused itself to exist, because it was nothing. So, how could the universe have come into existence if it was nothing? The only answer can be that something real caused the universe to be, and that reality must be other than the universe. This “other reality” must be beyond the universe and, it must be capable of causing the universe (as a whole) to come into existence. This reality is frequently called “Creator” or “God.” Thus, “beginning of the universe” implies a “Creator” or “God.”

Was there a beginning?

The above implications of creation have incited some physicists to suggest that the Big Bang was not the beginning of the universe, and they have proposed some speculative models for a pre-big-bang period which might be infinite in duration.
Are these models of infinite time consistent with the current evidence of physics? During the last twenty years considerable evidence has been discovered showing the high likelihood of a beginning of every pre-big-bang period (of every expanding universe model). This evidence is discussed in Sections IV and V.

It means that it is highly likely that our universe (and any multiverse in which it might be situated) would have a beginning and by implication, would have been created by something beyond the universe. We will now examine this evidence in two parts:

• Evidence of a beginning from the Law of Entropy (Section V)
• Evidence of a beginning from space-time geometry (Section VI)

(to be continued..)

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