The Biblical God is Not All Knowing?

Is God All Knowing?
The Bible says God is not All Knowing?

Believe it or not the Bible actually says God is NOT All Knowing. Christian readers, please remain calm in your seats. I am sure you are either bewildered or angered(perhaps both) by my insinuation. Fear not, I am not without proof. However, let me briefly explain what the Bible is for the benefit of those who are not familiar with it. In brief, the Bible comes from Biblos which is Greek for a collection on books. Hence, the Bible is a compilation of many books in one volume. The Bible is partitioned into two main parts, namely; The Old Testament and the New Testament. There are canonical differences amongst the major Churches of Christianity in regards to the Bible e.g. The Catholic Bible contains 73 books and the Protestant Church contains 66.

Christians believe in what is called “inspiration” i.e. that the Holy Spirit (a member of the Trinity) traversed the world to select certain men(mostly anonymous to us) and inspired them to write accounts of various things. In short, the Bible is from God but not the ad verbatim words of God Himself.

Is the following from an All Knowing, Omniscient God?

“And Jesus himself began to be “ABOUT” thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was [the son] of Heli,”

(Luke 3:23)

About? Uncertainty? Unsure? If God, the Holy Spirit inspired the above, then one may deduce that clearly he was NOT sure of Jesus’ age.

Does that not mean that God(according to the verse if he inspired it) is lax and deficient in knowledge?


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