Of all the decisions I have made in my life,choosing to wear my niqab is one I’m not going to regret. I can still clearly remember the first time I put on my hijab,taking the first steps towards joining my beloved sisters who have passed before me. I can never aspire to be as righteous as they were yet in putting on my niqab, I feel overjoyed because at least in this small way I can be similar to my righteous sisters who were so beloved to Allah.
Its no surprise that your hijab makes you feel protected because after all that is the reason why Allah has commanded you to wear it. Allah only commands you with that which is good for you, so how can we ever turn away from that which he commands us? We must also remember that wearing hijab/niqab does not give one an automatic claim to piety. No one is perfect. Along with donning our hijab/niqab we must continue to strive towards attaining the pleasure of Allah.
Only good can come from following Allah’s command. So let’s leave all our excuses behind and put on our hijaabs!!
Let us walk in the footsteps of our righteous sisters that have gone forth before us and our reward is by Allah, the Almighty InshaAllah!!
Your sister in Islam

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