Three questions that illustrate what’s truly in our hearts- A Litmus Test

Life as we know it is full of choices– some that we make and some that we should be making.

Here’s a quick litmus test to find out what’s there in that amazing heart of ours.

Grab a paper and start penning down the first few things that come to your mind when you’re asked the following questions.


1. Do not think a lot because what you really want will pop up in your head instantly.
2. You must answer as soon as the question is asked rather than scrolling down and reading the complete article.

(BONUS– I will let you in on little secrets along the way)

Are we ready? Let us quickly begin.

Question 1- What are my top three concerns?
(Secret 1- I answered job, family and future)

Question 2- What are my top three strengths?
(Secret 2– My answer- I couldn’t come up with an answer and to be honest I am still unsure :D)

Last question- List top three people you love.
(Secret 3- My answer- My grandmother, parents and sisters)

The answers to these three questions are linked directly to the heart.

It’s the result time now. Are you nervous? (I was) Allow me to burst the bubble.

My top concern should be Aakhirah (not this world)
My biggest strength should be Allah (nothing materialistic or mortal)
The person I should love the most should be Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam).

We claim to love Allah and his messenger the most but what we really love are the answers that we’ve just written out.

Time to ponder.


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