To Help Or Not Is The Question

We are the people who love to help but we often end up not doing so.

One of the main reasons for this is that we consider ourselves “not wealthy enough.” We feel that we are not “in a position” to help. I personally have spent very many nights dreaming about the things I’d do for people when I grow rich. Years have passed by and that day has not arrived yet. *chuckles*

The questions arises- should I continue to dream or strive towards making it happen?

The answer lies in the below hadith of Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam):


Never stop yourself from helping anybody thinking that it’s small and that you will only do big things.

We reckon that we will do things for people when the time is right or when we have the money but little do we know about what’s going to happen in our lives the next moment.

Do it with your heart today and believe me the time you do it will become the best time to have done it, be it as small as helping your mother with chores. Do not delay.

Just make sure that your neeyah (intention) is clean.

-Do not do it for being recognised as a “charitable person.”

-Do not do it to show somebody.

-Do not do it to raise your status.

-Do it wholeheartedly.

Remember, what you think is small may be great for the one you’re helping.


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